The Adventures of Lou, Gary, Ethan and Noah

A blog recording our journey in parenting and family life...

About Me

Just to start off with, I do think my sons are gorgeous. But this blog isn’t necessarily about showing off this fact! It is a “tongue in cheek” reference to their beauty to remind me in the difficult moments, hours, days how wonderful they truly are.

I am a full time at home mum and pretty much have been since the birth of my 2nd child. I never ever thought I could do the full time mum hat but I cannot deny that it is the more fun option (although certainly not the easy one) than going to work.

I also am a happily married “games widow” in that although my husband doesn’t play games much, he works in the computer games industry and as such works very long hours for (I think) very little pay! He enjoys it though, which is the main thing!

Before children I worked as a IT Project Manager for a law firm. I had worked in IT for around 10 years when I finished working. I enjoyed the challenge of the constantly changing nature of the work, working with a great team and trying out the new technologies.

I love going to see live bands. My favourite gig so far was Billy Idol at Rock City four years ago. The last band I went to see were My Beady Eye again at Rock City! We are looking forward to going to Jimmy’s Farm Festival in September.

I guest blog at Creative Nottingham, looking after their twitter feed, email and writing blog posts for a week every few months. I try to focus on the family themes. I also write reviews for the Parent Panel. It is great fun to try out new products and give honest opinions on how our family found them.

My blog is designed to catch the memories of our lives. I love having adventures with my little family.

I was sponsored by Total Greek Yoghurt to go to Cybermummy 2011 – thank you Total!