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We were invited to the Next HQ in Leicester to preview the Spring/Summer children’s collection. I was really excited as it isn’t often Noah and I have a day out together. Although it is just me and him at home, as he is pretty good at playing on his own I use the opportunity to get things done around the house, or (let’s be honest blog!). It is awful of me really and I should make more of an effort with him, like I did with Ethan but as we are tied to the school day (which goes sooo fast!) and he seems to enjoy being at home I take advantage!

Pictured are a few highlights from the day and some of my favourites from the selection (although there were lots and lots of lovely and very cute outfits to choose from).

It was great to have the opportunity to talk to the Next buyers and feedback our opinions on the designs and fab to see lots of colour in the range of boys wear. We also got reassurances that colour would feature heavily in older boys clothing too so they have more choice than the usual blue/brown offerings and don’t necessarily look like a mini dad! We know boyswear needs to be practical but it doesn’t need to be boring. I also raised by gripe concerning slogan tops and why the ones for the boys always feature the words “Monster” or “Trouble” and the girl’s ones are more akin to “Gorgeous” or “Princess” - talk about social stereotyping! Next aren’t as guilty as some children’s clothes retailers regarding this issue but I felt it had to be mentioned!

After we had finished in the “mock shop” we went for lunch at a nearby restaurant where we met JoJingles and Noah had a thoroughly great time dancing and singing with the other children. I have vowed to take him to more musical classes as he really enjoys it! 

Before we knew it it was time to head home with our goody bags. It was a fantastic day and lovely to catch up with some familiar faces as well as be introduced to new blogging mums. Thank you to the fab organisers- Ellie, Vicky, Laura, Christina, Chantelle and all the lovely ladies and gentlemen at Next HQ and Spreading Jam pr. Thank you for inviting us and all the best with the new collection!